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Elisabeth Flueler-Tomamichel is from Switzerland and is recognised as being one of the foremost doll artists. In 1977 she first discovered her love for doll art and since 1984 it has been her profession.

Elisabeth Flueler-Tomamichel is a versatile artist, she shows astounding creativity in the enormous variety of artist dolls she sculpts. By using an unconventional range of materials she likes to work with, she is able to create dolls with a surrealistic human form. She also reproduces figures from the world of theatre, fairy tales or from her own imagination. Her work includes busts and figurines which are exceptional objects of art. She models her one of a kind dolls, busts and figurines almost exclusively from self-drying modelling clay as well as polymer clay. She does not use porcelain as much as she used to. This is because she prefers one of a kind objects.

Her dolls are not just ornaments that simply stand in a certain pose; they reflect their individual personalities which can be interpreted by the observer. In some cases they are beautiful, gentle and perfect in appearance and personality, and in other cases they reflect a mischievous personality and simply make fun of the seriousness of life.

Udo Leidner, director of the museum in Neustadt/Coburg: "Her latest presentations of adults created as figurative small sculptures are remarkable."

The poses, the facial expressions and the gestures convey a certain message. Meticulous anatomic studies prove an enormous comprehension for the human mobility device, which is however relativized by the total relinquishment of polychromy.

"The Businessman" who is always busy and who never has time, "The Drunkard", who has lost everything, "The Expectant Mother", who listens into her body ..... are therefore not only figures according to an accurate study of the nature - they are also presentations of a character trait, of a human fate or of a current emotion."

Elisabeth Flueler-Tomamichel received several awards and prizes at international competitions from 1977 - 1986. She has not participated in competitions after 1986. In 1992 she was elected to NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists) where she was the fourth foreign member. In 1993 she was one of the charter members of the "Verband europäischer Puppenkünstler (VEP)" (Association of European Doll Artists).

From 1993 she has been a member of the panel of judges at international competitions, for example as a consulting member of the board for the "Max Oscar Arnold" award for doll art of the city of Neustadt/Coburg, Germany. Her work is included in 13 different books about artist dolls in Germany and in the U.S.A.

Elisabeth Flueler-Tomamichel was honored with the "Max Oscar Arnold" art award for lifetime achievement in 2001 given by the department of culture of Neustadt/Coburg.

Her most important competitions / events
2001 Most important Max-Oscar-Arnold art award for lifetime achievement
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